Welcome to TrackMe - Data in motion tracking system

TrackMe for Splunk is the ideal companion for your Splunk deployment, no matters the size of your environment, its unique capabilities help you on a daily basis to get the best value from your Splunk investments:

  • Discover and maintain Splunk entities at scale, track availability and quality of any kind of data in Splunk

  • Virtual tenancy is a key concept in TrackMe which allows creating on the fly knowledge objects in a repeatable way: create and scope tenants, experiment, destroy and restart as needed

  • TrackMe allows tracking your local Splunk deployment, or transparently any number of Splunk remote deployments (subject to licensing restrictions)

  • TrackMe’s unique workflow combines best Splunk capabilities, from a comprehensive user interface to notable events generation, SLA tracking and many more

  • Get the best from TrackMe components, using splk-feeds components provide deep Splunk feed tracking, splk-cim provides Common Information Model (CIM) compliance tracking, splk-flx (FLEX) adapts to any kind of Splunk magic query! (components are subjects to license restrictions)

  • Extend the visibility at any point in time with Hybrid and Elastic trackers, use Machine Learning outliers detection with deep and easy control, TrackMe is incredibly rich in features

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